Waving Cat Records is a Chinese - Dutch independent label founded in 2017 by Shu Ying and Idan Altman. Waving Cat Records aims to connect experimental and alternative artists on both continents.

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What we do

Distribution and promotion in China for artists on Chinese streaming services and Chinese social media.

Distribution and promotion in Europe for Chinese artists.

Music production for alternative Chinese artists - We offer different production services such as recording, mixing and mastering by acclaimed producer and musician Idan Altman.

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Meet the Team

Shu Ying / Singer-songwriter

Singer-songwriter Shu Ying formed and played in bands of various alternative genres before starting her solo career. In 2015, she released her debut EP produced by former bandmate Laurent, Are You Still A Teenager? Shu Ying is also a digital content marketer who manages the social presence of some major bands & artists in China such as Radiohead and Beyoncé. After a year of hard work, she will release her full length album, Girl’s Girl’s World in 2017 at Waving Cat Records. More information will follow soon.

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Idan Altman / Producer and engineer

Originally from Jerusalem, Idan moved to Berlin in 2010 where he ran his studio and worked with various artists as a producer and engineer. His main focus is on alternative rock, experimental music and jazz. He worked with artists such as Daniela Andrade, Adna, Novah, Pulsar Trio and many others - listen to his full portfolio here. Currently his studio is located in The Netherlands on the countryside.

Idan also has an extensive background as a music production teacher for Abbey Road Institute and dBs Music. Nowadays he gives various international music production workshops. His debut album "Fairydust" was released in 2015 and his 2nd album "Expiration Date" will be released in 2017.

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Shufeng Huan / Senior account manager

Shufeng works as a senior account manager at the global advertising company BBDO. He has years of digital marketing experience, during which he provided the digital professional service for clients such as Coca-cola, Audi and ExxonMobil. Shufeng is our marketing specialist in China and uses his solid digital knowledge for our label.

Lara Pappers / Online marketer and copywriter

After supporting several start-ups successfully in Berlin as an online marketer and copywriter, Lara now works from the Netherlands as an online marketer for Nexwork. Together with Shufeng Huan she manages the online presence of Waving Cat Records and their artists in Europe. Moreover, Lara supports Idan's studio, website and online presence.

Evan Lu / Independent documentary film producer and ad director

Evan Lu is an independent documentary film producer and ad director with years of experience. His passion for indie music comes through in his music-related videos. Inspired by authentic stories and creative minds with a cool attitude, he's open to experiment with various visual styles. He has participated in the music documentary 'On the road' of Chinese indie musicians going to the desert festival in Dunhuang.

Merijn Cornelissen / Multimedia Designer

Merijn Cornelissen is a freelance multimedia designer who loves to create new music and thinking of creative advertising concepts. After graduating from the study communication and multimedia design, he was determined to follow his ambitions and now he is working with upcoming artist on several music projects. With his knowledge about corporate design and web design he is enhancing the team from Waving Cat Records since august 2017.

Kip / Guitarist of Something Against Y


Maojia / Don't starve! member of RUBUR


Kip / Guitarist of Something Against Y


Zale / 'I eat the sky, I excrete the sky.' member of RUBUR

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If you want to submit your music to Waving Cat Records please make sure to send us a streaming link to your music and please do not send us any mp3 or other files, these will be deleted.